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Benedictine Sisters

Relic Chapel

There are three classes of sacred relics. The first-class is a part of the saints body. 
(It is this type which is placed in an altar stone.) The second-class is a piece of the
saints clothing or something used by the saint, while the third-class is an object
which has been touched to a first-class relic.

Church Teaching on Relics


Our relic chapel first opened in 1930 and has over 550 first and second class relics of saints.
The first question asked is:

How did your acquire all these relics in the middle of rural northwest Missouri?

Many of these relics came from donors in Europe who received help for their devastated monasteries, convents and seminaries after World War I
through the Caritas Project initiated by Fr. Lukas Etlin with the support of our sisters in the correspondence dept.  Our community published letters
from the suffering people in Europe in a magazine called Tabernacle and Purgatory.  Generous readers sent in donations which were sent to Europe to
help in the rebuilding.  As a sign of their gratitude, many of these re-established communities set us relics. 


The largest relic we have is of the child martyr, St. Beatrice, from the Roman catacombs.
Her face is encased in wax and other bones are in a pouch placed in her chest cavity.


Other notable relics are those of the Apostles, St. Therese, the Little Flower, Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Dominic, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Augustine of Hippo, Mother Cabrini, St. Benedict and numberous others.



We also have many beatuiful vestments and altar pieces that were gifts or were
hand-stitched by our sisters during the early years of our community.