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Hello...my name is Sr. Ruth and I am the vocation director for the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. Discernment of a religious vocation can be an exciting, overwhelming and even a little frightening endeavor! When I first fell ‘called’, I myself had to get over the shock that God was inviting me to consider religious life.

One of my questions was ‘why me?’ As I started to talk with sisters from different religious communities, it became clear to me that God calls all kinds of women with varying backgrounds and gifts and one does not have to be perfect. In our community we have a former lawyer, pilot, biologist, teacher, West Point graduate, Day Care worker, medical technologist, musical therapist; just to name a few.

As I went through discernment, I often asked God, “Why don’t you just tell me what to do and where to go?” Looking back I can see how God was leading me but at the time it was confusing and frustrating. I came to realize that God uses mostly ordinary means to direct us but we also have to have our eyes and ears open to see His fingerprints around us. Patience and trust are key to discernment.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about religious life or questions about our community. You can email me at vocation@benedictinesisters.org or call me at 660-944-2221.