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Current Issue - Spirit & Life Magazine

Year Issue Title Author Page
2017 Sep/Oct The Mystery of God's Will Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 5
2017 Sep/Oct The Virtues of the Mass translated by Jacob Riyeff 7
2017 Sep/Oct Beyond Despair over Earth's Destruction Sr. Marya Grathwohl, OSF 8
2017 Sep/Oct The Holy Land Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 10
2017 Sep/Oct The Day Lucinda Danced Rev. John P. Davis 12
2017 Sep/Oct Dancing Before the Lord Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 13
2017 Sep/Oct God of the Ordinary Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 14
2017 Sep/Oct How Aristotle Distorted Bible Gender Equality Rabbi Allen S. Maller 15
2017 Sep/Oct The Spirituality of Dr. Seuss Sr. Jeanette von Herrmann, OSB 17